Sunday, September 19, 2010

Movie Download: Just a Fad or Here to Stay?

Movie download was not a term known to people several years ago. The word movie meant going to a movie theater. Some call it cinema while others call it theater. Watching a movie at home was already possible too. All you needed then was your video player and your television. If you wanted to own a movie, the only way was to purchase the movie that you like.

A movie download was still not a possibility ten or fifteen years ago but technology continued to evolve. From a local visit to your favorite theater from time to time, video recorders arrived and allowed you to record movies and shows on television. As time goes by, the usual theater visits and movie watching using your television changed with the advent of computers.

Gone are the days when we were tied up with watching movies on television or on the big screen only. Computers and the internet opened the gates of opportunities for a movie download anywhere you may be. You only need two things to do a download movies: computer and internet.

Downloading a movie from the internet depends on the website that you will visit. For you to be able to download quality and clear to high definition movies, you need to be a member of certain sites. These sites usually require an annual membership fee.

Depending on the website that you subscribed with, some of these movie sites provide a certain number of free download apart from the annual membership fee that you paid for a particular number of downloads. Other websites only require monthly membership fees while others allow pay-per-click downloads.

Do you remember the time when you wanted to buy a movie in a video store but were too embarrassed to go to the shelf where the movie was? This can be avoided now because you have all the privacy that you need whenever you download movies via the internet. Right at the comfort of your own house, in your own room, you can download any type of movie the website offers. There are even movie download websites that offer classical movies and movies that you thought will never be available outside cinemas.

When it comes to frequency of downloads, there is no limit to the number of downloads to your computer as long as the available memory in your hard drives will allow you to continuously download the movies that you like. Just make sure that your computer has an updated anti-virus to help protect your PC from being crashed. Having an anti-virus could be costly to some but it is worth the investment if it means protecting your PC to allow you to download more movies.

For those with no budget for membership sites, you can still do a movie download without having to pay for the price. Some websites offer free movie downloads. As compared to paid sites, these free movie download sites do not guarantee the quality of the movies available for download.

Downloading from free sites are prone to having viruses attached to the files. Having a strong and powerful anti-virus will help your PC continuously download movies, whether free or with a price.

Movie downloads have come a long way in changing ways on how we acquire and watch movies. This could just be a fad or it may be here to stay. The great thing with technology continuously evolving, a movie fanatic does not need to go to a cinema anymore just to watch a movie. All you need is your PC and internet connection and you can already do what you always love to do – watch movies online.

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